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An Night Beneath The Stars

So here it is. I worked on this for a while, and just got it back from Ruthie, my amazing beta!

Author: Artemis(ChaosRide)
Beta: Cupid's Jinx
Disclaimer:I own nothing!!


A Night Beneath The Stars

"It's peaceful up here," Max commented as she stretched out her long legs out in front of her, her head nestled on Fang's shoulder. "The stars are beautiful too."

The two were layed out on the roof of the Martinez house. Max had discovered this special, calm spot when they first started staying with her mom and half-sister about two years ago. It was a nice, quiet place that, until recently, nobody knew about. Fang had seen her fly up to her secret place one evening, and decided to follow. It had quickly become a nightly ritual to meet up here. The only thing that ever took place was talking of constellations, or other frivilous matters.

It was comfortable, seeing as they had been best friends since they were about four, and a couple since a year before the fall of Itex. This was their alone time to just be together.

"The starts aren't the only things that are beautiful." Fang whispered against the blonde's temple.

"Oh?" This was a first for the chocolate-eyed girl. Usually, Fang would point out constellations, or tell her stories or old legends about the heavens or seasons.

"You're beautiful, Max. That's one of the many reasons why I love you." It wasn't like he hadn't told her that before, on the contrary, he told her every day how precious she was to him. It was how heartfelt the declaration was in that moment that struck a cord deep within the leader.

"I-I love you too, Fang." Max cursed herself for stuttering. It made her sound hesitant and unsure, not something she should be as leader.

Suddenly, warm, chapped lips decsended upon hers. Sure, they had kissed before, but it was rare. They had both agreed at the start of the relationship that it wasn't about the physical stuff, it was about the understanding and emotion behind it all.

Their lips parted to suck in sweet, necessary air.

"Did you know that constellation right there is said to be Aphrodite's girdle? Aphrodite, the goddess of love and mother to the cherub Cupid, wore that girdle to cast out her beauty to mortals and gods alike." Fang pointed out once they had both caught their breath.

Max smiled. Fang had started college recently, and his favorite class so far was mythology; the raven would tell her story after story of gods and goddesses and how they affected the world they lived in now. They both knew they were nothing but stories, but the idea of the heavenly beings were amazingly intricate and entertaining.

"I could stay here forever." The tan girl mumbled, looking at the constellation her beloved had pointed out.

"Me too."

A comfortable silence settled over the two, only to be broken by a distant call of "Max? Max?!"

"Foiled again," Max sighed and scooted to the edge of the roof before using her wings to flap down to her open window.

Fang gave a small, secret smile before following after the girl.


Oh god! The fluff! Is anyone still alive out there, or did you all die from the cheese overload?


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