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MAX discussion post

Well, now that the fifth book's been out for a few days, I thought that a discussion post would be suitable! (:

Spoilers under the cut/in the comments, obviously.

Not one kiss, not two, not three... but four?!
However, I'm not exactly sure if I like the way it happened.
I've always loved the protective aspect of Max and Fang's relationship.  I like seeing Fang protect Max, even if she doesn't necessarily need it- this was present in this book, but not as much as in previous books, I feel like. I also love their arguments and banter, which wasn't really in this much at all.
I think my main problem was the fact that when it happened, it was just Max choosing differently, choosing to stay. I would have preferred if Fang hadn't made another move on her, and if she had to make the first move.  Or if they had talked about it or something.  I just don't know, there was something about the whole thing that left me somewhat discontent.

Still, it was good. I'm not saying it wasn't.  I just don't know, this whole "happyjoysunshineandflowers" Fax is kind of disconcerting. I miss their tension.


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