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Fic: Unbidden

Hello, I'm new here. Haven't read the fourth book yet. I should probably wait until I finish my end of year exams, hehe. Anyhoo, I'm from Australia, so hey hello to any fellow Aussies.

I come bearing fan fiction. No dilly-dallying around from me :D

Characters: The flock; Fax.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: approx. 650 words.
Disclaimer: Maximum Ride isn't mine, nor would I want it to be. That honour goes to James Patterson.
Summary: Missing moment from School's Out Forever. Fang finds his mind taking time to be a hormonal teenage boy without his permission. But it's not entirely his fault...
Author's Note: After reading the scene in which this fic takes place I just cracked up laughing. It's based on just one sentence that had me in giggles for a while later. 'When we were far enough away, Fang slid behind the steering wheel, and I applied my talent to hot-wiring the car.' School's Out Forever, pg. 381. It amuses me to no end that Max hot-wired the car while Fang was sitting in the driver's seat. Of course, I later learned that you can hot-wire a car from under the bonnet, but this was a much more fun situation. Enjoy :D

Nudge closed the hood of the Echo and her beaming face appeared from behind it.
"Air filter's in."
"Good," said Max, sounding relieved. Fang had noticed her getting anxious to start moving. "If it actually works, we can get going."
Once they had pushed the car out of hearing range, Fang slid wordlessly into the driver's seat and adjusted the seat slightly. The Gasman looked at Max quizzically.
"We don't have a key," he pointed out, more than a little unnecessarily.
"I know Gazzy, we'll just have to hot-wire it," Max replied.
Not so unlike boosting a Porsche, Fang thought wryly.

Max knelt down beside the driver's seat and reached up under the dashboard, leaning into the car, and suddenly Fang was very aware of her. Her body was lightly touching his leg, and her t-shirt rode up from her hips when she stretched further, revealing the small of her back. Fang wrenched his gaze away from her exposed skin. He instead looked at her face, her expression intense with concentration. If he noticed the curve of her cheekbones and the shape of her lips, it was hardly his fault. Max was beautiful. Fang wasn't afraid to admit that. What he didn't want to acknowledge is that he found her... appealing. Attractive in ways someone shouldn't find a girl who was practically his sister.

Sometimes he wondered what it might be like if it was only him and Max. If there were no younger 'siblings' to look after; if they hadn't been forced into this family-type arrangement. He wondered if Max wondered that too. They'd never really addressed the kiss she'd given him on the beach. Maybe it wasn't something she'd immediately regretted. And she'd yelled at him after he kissed Lissa. If that wasn't jealousy, he didn't know what was. But then again-

Max made a frustrated noise, and muttered something that sounded like, "Dang shaky hands." She looked up at him and smiled.

"Sorry, can I...?" she trailed off. Without waiting for an answer to her unfinished question, she leant her elbow between his legs on the seat. Fang's eyes widened in mild alarm. Max said something about needing a steady hand by way of explanation, but Fang wasn't paying much attention. Now Max's whole upper body was leaning against his left thigh. Fang swallowed nervously. She was dangerously close to an area of his body that she'd managed to inadvertently... upset more than once before.

She couldn't be doing this on purpose. Even if she knew what she did to him sometimes, Max wasn't the type of girl to abuse such knowledge and power. Get a grip, he told himself angrily when the thought that maybe he might appreciate it if she did abuse that knowledge came unbidden into his head. Try as he might, he couldn't pull his mind's eye away from the image that thought provoked; one of Max crawling onto his lap and kissing his neck, his jaw, his lips. When Max suddenly became naked-Max Fang sat up straight and shook his head, willing the image to disappear. He was vaguely aware of the younger kids and Iggy talking of more innocent things. Fang wished he could join them.

Max shifted forward a little and stuck her tongue out a little, concentrating hard. She was killing him.

"Okay, Fang, give her some gas," said Max. He did as he was asked and revved the engine. The ignition caught and Max sat back, a pleased look on her face. The car backfired a few times, but then Max stood up and said, "Everybody in!"

As the other four squashed themselves into the backseat and Max settled herself in the passenger seat with Total sitting on her lap, Fang could only hope like hell that Max, gorgeous, impossible, naked Max, didn't come back to haunt him while he was driving.

He didn't like his chances.
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